Not The Biggest Loser

I just want to be…

This table shows a history of my weight loss over many years. I weighed myself on and off over the years and where I have a record of my weight I’ve kept it here. I consider my official weight loss journey to have begun January 2006, when I lost 12kg and then gained and lost that same 12-15kg over the next 18 months.

Although I do plan to add in some weigh-ins prior to 2006 when I can find them. Of course I’m starting the weight loss journey again from my pre surgery weight, as this will be the final journey for me! It should be noted also that up till 13th August 2007, I was weighing in on my scales and on the 20th September and 11 October I used Dr Layani’s scales which I found differed by between 1-2kg. After the 11th October all weights are back to my scales.

Date Weight Loss Total Loss
8 September 2003 143.6kg    
15 September 2003 141.3kg -2.3kg -2.3kg
22 September 2003 139.6kg -1.7kg -4kg
29 September 2003 139.7kg +0.1kg -3.9kg
8 October 2003 137.9kg -1.8kg -5.7kg
13 October 2003 137.1kg -0.8kg -6.5kg
29 October 2003 134.9kg -2.2kg -8.7kg
4 November 2003 133.7kg -1.2kg -9.9kg
11 November 2003 132kg -1.7kg -10.6kg
09 December 2003 131.2kg -0.8kg -11.4kg
16 December 2003 132.4kg +1.2kg -10.2kg
04 May 2004 135.7kg    
11 May 2004 135.5kg -0.2kg -0.2kg
18 May 2004 135.1kg -0.4kg -0.6kg
25 May 2004 135.4kg +0.3kg -0.3kg
11 June 2004 135.2kg -0.2kg -0.5kg
22 June 2004 135.8kg +0.6kg +0.1kg
06 July 2004 134.5kg -1.3kg -1.3kg
13 July 2004 134.4kg -0.1kg -1.4kg
January 2006 148kg    
March 2006 136kg -12kg -12kg
22nd January 2007 143.7kg +7.7kg -4.3kg
28th January 2007 140.1kg -3.6kg -7.9kg
4th February 2007 138.7kg -1.4kg -9.3kg
24th February 2007 136.3kg -2.4kg -11.7kg
4th March 2007 135.2kg -1.2kg -12.9kg
20th March 2007 134.5kg -1.5kg -13.5kg
25th April 2007 133.2kg -1.3kg -14.8kg
28th May 2007 137.6kg +4.4kg -10.4kg
4th June 2007 136.3kg -1.3kg -11.7kg
9th July 2007 138.8kg +1.2kg -9.2kg
16th July 2007 138.4kg -0.4kg -9.6kg
22nd July 2007 137.3kg -1.1kg -10.7kg
23rd July 2007 136.4kg -0.9kg -11.6kg
30th July 2007 137.3kg +0.9kg -10.7kg
6th August 2007 136.3kg -1.0kg -11.7kg
13th August 2007 134.7kg -1.6kg -13.3kg
20th September 2007 (Dr Layani’s scales) 143kg +8.3kg  
11th October 2007 (Pre surgery weight) 138.5kg -4.5kg -4.5kg
16th October 2007 133.7kg -4.8kg -9.3kg
23rd October 2007 132kg -1.7kg -11kg
27th October 2007 131.3kg -0.7kg -11.7kg
30th October 2007 130.8kg -0.5kg -12.2kg
1st November 2007 130.3kg -0.5kg -12.7kg
3rd November 2007 129.9kg -0.4kg -13.1kg
5th November 2007 129.6kg -0.3kg -13.4kg
13th November 2007 129kg -0.6kg -14kg
15th November 2007 128.8kg -0.2kg -14.2kg
22nd November 2007 127.3kg -1.5kg -15.7kg
3rd December 2007 126.5kg -0.8kg -16.5kg
9th December 2007 126kg -0.5kg -17kg
11th February 2008 125.6kg -0.4kg -17.4kg
14th February 2008 125kg -0.6kg -18kg
27th February 2008 124.7kg -0.3kg -18.3kg
5th March 2008 -0.7kg -19kg
8th March 2008 123.4kg -0.6kg -19.6kg