Not The Biggest Loser

I just want to be…

A body composition measurement determines how much of your body is calorie-storing fat and how much is calorie-burning lean tissue. The optimal fat for a woman is 18-25% (average is about 29%).

The greater your lean weight (Lean body mass) the more calories you burn up at rest and during exercise. Dieting alone will decrease your lean weight. To increase it you must exercise.

Normal levels of hydration are 69%-74%

Date Weight Change Fat % Fat kg Fat kg change Lean body mass kg Lean body mass change Hydration BMI
6th October 2007 138.1kg   48.5% 67kg   71.1kg   68.5% 53
22nd October 2007 132.8kg -5.3kg 49.6% 65.9kg -1.1kg 66.9kg -4.2kg 68% 51
31st October 2007 130.7kg -2.1kg (total 7.4kg)   63kg -2.9kg 69.3 +1.3kg   50
1st December 2007 128.2kg -2.5kg (total9.9kg) 41.3%? 52.9kg? -10kg? 75kg? +2.0kg? 69%? 48.8?
*9th January 2008 129.1kg +0.9kg (total 9kg) 47.1% 60.8kg -2.2kg 68.3kg -1.0kg 70.6% 49
6th February 2008 127.6kg -2.5kg (total -11.5kg) 47.4% 61.2kg +0.4kg 67.9kg -0.4kg 70.2% 49

?= Left foot was used for measurment instead of right foot, so results may vary

*change of dietician and scales