Not The Biggest Loser

I just want to be…

So still feeling really lost. Have put on all the weight I lost before christmas. Hate all my clothes on me. Don’t know what to eat or what ‘plan’ to follow. Decided to stop focusing on weight and trying to focus on health again and set up a daily ‘to do’ list of things that are going to make my body feel good and also me feel good about myself. So far I have:

  1. Eat at least 1 meal with green leafy veg (probably a green smoothie every morning)
  2. Go for a walk (weather permitting) even if I only start with 5 minutes
  3. Take all my supplements (motillium, sam-e, 5-htp, pre-natal vitamins, zinc, magnesium-calcium, fish oil)
  4. Protein shake daily (trying rice protein at the moment on the advice of my holistic GP)
  5. Home made soup, dahl or salads for lunch wherever possible
  6. Fold and put away washing
  7. C time (time allocated to playing with my daughter)

I’m also going to try and limit sugar and try to use coffee as my ‘treat’ rather than chocolate or other sweets. I’m trying to implement my house as a nurturing, nutritious zone so I don’t keep or bring sugar or ‘treats’ into the house. These ‘treats’ if needed can be consumed outside the house on a very irregular basis for special occasions etc.

My chiropractor wants me to start using water and milk kefir to try to get rid of the yeast in my body. My GP says she doesn’t think it will get rid of the yeast that I need to try to alkalise my body (hence the green leafy veg and the Grainfields lemon & ginger drink she’s given me – see here: It’s so hard when everyone gives you different advice.

Basically the outcome my GP wants for me is to alkalise my body as currently it is too acidic and causing pain and hormonal imbalances.  I very nearly cancelled my appointment with my GP today as I just didn’t feel I was getting anywhere and she is really expensive but really glad I went as chatting to her always leaves me more motivated and determined to get my body healthy rather than worrying about weight.  I also agreed to another 6 months of chiro. I really hope it is worth it.

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