Not The Biggest Loser

I just want to be…

Have had a crappy day…I’m aching all over and extremely tired. I had no idea how I was going to get through tonight…bathing my daughter, getting her to sleep, cleaning kitchen and preparing milk for my son for tomorrow. Every single muscle in my body aches. And what have I done? Nothing really…did 2 loads of laundry, fed and clothed 2 kids, multiple nappy changes, visit to the supermarket, cooked a meal for 8 families, cooked a cake (which fell apart and was a disaster), cleaned the toilet and did a small amount of tidying. My poor body and particularly my feet are not happy at this weight. They ache so much.

I ate a crap load of sugar today too and I’m sure this doesn’t help the achiness. I started off well with my green smoothie (apple, carrot, celery and baby spinach) but spiralled out of control after this…I snacked on coke, the crappy crumbled cake and the cookies I bought for my guests to replace the crappy cake (who only ate 2…I bought 18 because I thought there was going to be 11 of them plus us).

I’m so tired of feeling this way of being confused about what to eat of not feeling like I can eat healthily forever of feeling like it’s too hard to eat healthily. I’ve been going to see a chiropractor for many months now (I was pregnant with baby D) and they tell me that my neck/back are in such a bad way and that part of my neck is affecting my thyroid and that is the reason for my weight issues and bad choices in food. But I’ve been going twice, sometimes 3 times a week for in excess of 6 months now and I’m not sure I’m feeling much physical improvement…sure I’m no where near as in pain as when I was pregnant, but then maybe that just went away because I’m not pregnant any more. I also find the chiropractor really hurts me when they are pushing into my lower back and hips…and while it doesn’t last long, it makes the whole experience very unpleasant and I’m getting really tired of going twice a week at the moment and not feeling much reward for it…but how can I give up when they tell me that they are helping my thyroid and therefore eventually my weight loss? I’m so tired of people claiming they know what my issues are and then finding their solutions don’t really work. I totally trust this chiropractor but I’m just not feeling any improvement pain wise or weight wise. I’m just about to finish my 3 month program I signed up for so guess I’ll discuss how I’m feeling with her then. It’s a real struggle getting there twice a week before 9.30am with 2 kids too (their last appointment is at 9.30am in the morning unless I want to go afternoons which I don’t).

I’ve also been seeing a great GP who says my problems are all related to nutrition and all the supplements she’s given me should help. I’m also supposed to do a bit of a detox and I did follow it mostly for awhile but hit the same issue I also do in maintaining it.

I’m just so lost. I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t know what to eat. I sent an email to my surgeon’s office over the weekend pleading for help, for advice, asking if they have any patients in my situation who have turned it all around and succeeded. I think I’m going to try and fit in an adjustment in the next few weeks to see if that helps. Sigh…

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