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I just want to be…


I thought this would be the first year in 4 years that I wouldn’t apply for the Biggest Loser. However since the events of the last few weeks, I guess I am once again eligble. Strangely enough, it had not even occured to me to apply. I had thought about it a few times over the past few months, how I wouldn’t be able to and I was totally ok with that. So when a friend of mine asked if I’d apply with her (since this year it’s a couples show…not just relationship couples, but family, friends etc), I thought ‘why not?’ and it was genuinely the first time I’d thought about applying. I’m not sure how they’ll view me having a lapband, but I’ll give it a go. I warned my friend that I may be pregnant again by then, but she was totally ok with that. And so I guess I’m putting my hat in the ring once again, unless I happen to fall pregnant again. Applications have to be in by 11 August, so I better get started. As much as I’d still love to be part of the show, I don’t have my heart set on it as much as I did in previous years, so I won’t be as devastated if I’m not successful. I guess I have other things to look forward to now and also hope after my surgery that I can do it on my own.

I actually almost ran into Michelle, the trainer from TBL on Monday. She was walking around the corner, out of a coffee shop at the bottom of my building. I wondered if it was a sign! She was taller than I expected her to be and was whingeing about something to one of the guys she was with!

And now for some information which I am very proud of. I actually exercised twice today! I work with a very lovely girl who I discovered recently has also had the surgery by Dr Layani too. She found out about my surgery when she saw my photo in the Christmas newsletter which had photos of Dr Layani’s Christmas party! Weird! Anyway she asked me if I’d be interested in going to the gym with her just around the corner from work in the mornings. I hesitated as I am already a member of a gym near home and go sometimes with my best friend Shelly. These days we only really go once or twice a week, but I enjoy those times with her and I do like the gym. However since I am going overseas in 6 weeks and my contract basically ends then at this job, I thought I’d enquire about short term membership so that I could increase the exercise I’m doing before I go away. Aside from wanting to lose the extra weight I put on during IVF, I’m also terrified about all the stairs in the Greek Islands! The best deal they could give me short term was a month’s membership (and not that good a deal I must say…thanks Fitness First!!). I paid way too much for it, but I figured to be able to get in an extra 3 or more sessions in the morning would be a real benefit. So today I went for a 30 minute workout only (still trying to get my timing right so I don’t miss out on too much work) and then after work went for a 45 minute walk with my husband! Yay me!

Tomorrow I am meeting my friend from work at the gym at 7am and hopefully doing 45 minutes at least and then meeting Shelly at the gym near home after work for another hour workout. I’m feeling very proud of me. I just need to keep this up for the next month and I should see huge results!

Food wise today has been a small quantity but admittedly not very nutritious. I’ll get there eventually:

Breakfast; 1 piece vegemite toast, 1 skim flat white

Snack: 1 skim flat white

Lunch: 1/2 can lentil and vegetable soup

Snack: Porridge

Dinner: Optifast

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Nola said, July 30th, 2008 at 10:15 am

Rach, they might consider you for TBL because of the fact you have lapband. They seem to be swinging to all different types like the guy with the heart problem and the other one with his diabetes. They are getting a broader range of society to keep peoples interest. Couples this year?…..that will be interesting!! I love that show!
Well done on your exercise too!!

ylenia said, February 14th, 2010 at 6:16 pm

hello i am ylenia…i would like to know when the next auditions for the biggest losers program will be…can you help me???

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