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doesn’t mean I don’t. I’ve had 2 people in the last few days give me ‘subtle’ hints about what I should and shouldn’t eat and it really pisses me off. Well ok, if you’ve lost oh 50kg recently and think you can give me advice then ok. But if you’re just some skinny twat who has never had a weight problem in their life and/or someone too cowardice to even put a name to their comments on my blog, then quite frankly I’m not interested.

So apparently I should be choosing rice cakes (the equivalent nutritional value of a piece of cardboard) over natural fruit and nuts. Right…yes, let me fill my body with processed, empty cardboard food instead of nutritious, natural, healthy food, just because they have less calories. Well here’s the thing. As long as I’m sticking to my set calories for the day, it shouldn’t matter if I choose to use my calories on chocolate or fruit and nuts. Thankfully I choose the healthy option.

And then the 2nd comment I had from someone totally random when I was debating what I should eat for breakfast, scrambled eggs or porridge was that I should be eating porridge, when I asked why I was told “Because it’s better for you” with a smile. hmmm right so you’re saying because I’m fat, I  should be eating porridge, not eggs. Interesting theory that. Never mind that the protein in the egg whites will fill me up more and never mind that the vegetables in my eggs will help me reach my vegetable portions for the day.

Sigh…sorry…I’m just sick of know it alls. And I’m sick of being judged as not knowing anything about food. Oh she’s fat, so she must not know what to eat. I shall enlighten her. Stick up your bony ass I say. I’ve been focused on what I eat for over 25 years now. I really don’t need your advice. Yes, more the fool me for having focused on it that long and not having succeeded, but I don’t expect anyone to understand the complexity of the emotional/mental battles I fight in my head every day for the past 25+ years. Let me assure you, if ANYONE knows what to eat and what to do to lose weight …it’s me….I just haven’t quite yet managed to master it for long enough to make significant changes.

Phew…I feel better now…