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I went back to Dr Duncombe today for another fill. I had 0.5ml put in. I can definitely notice the difference already. I had lost 3kg since I was last there a month ago. Again, not a hugely fast weight loss, but steady and I’m happy with that. So that’s a total of 7.5ml so far. I haven’t had any issues with food yet today though I have been taking very small bites and eating very slowly.

I had a pretty good day today and resisted the urge to order toast mid morning as I was feeling quite hungry a few hours after my fruit salad. I also resisted the urge for something sweet after lunch and had a coffee instead (and 1 m&m which someone gave me!).

I did succumb to Red Rooster 1/4 chicken and chips for dinner, though I couldn’t even eat half of it…a few weeks ago I ate the whole thing! Bad choice I know, but at least I’m not eating the whole meal and it’s not a common occurence. My standard weeknight dinner is meat/chicken/fish and steamed vegetables. I really want to be honest in this blog about what I’m eating, but I must admit I do find it hard. I just don’t want people to judge me for choosing the wrong food every now and again, which I do sometimes do from time to time…I am human after all and I do believe I should give myself the choice, as long as I’m not eating that way every day (like I used to!) So today’s food:

Breakfast: Fruit salad (Watermelon, honeydew, rockmelon)

Snack: Shaved slices chicken, machiato with shot of caramel

Lunch: 1/2 Chicken salad (chicken, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, beetroot, olives, pineapple, eggplant, jalepenos, mushrooms, bbq sauce)

Snack: small tin peaches, small tin tuna, machiato with shot of caramel

Dinner: 1/8 chicken breast, 1/4 serve chips, 1 pineapple fritter

Snack: Magnum

No exercise today due to the rain. I am planning to visit my local Fernwood tomorrow to do a workout and see if I want to join with my best friend.


So I had my monthly visit to Selena the dietician. I dropped 2.5kg and lost 3cm from my waist which I was really happy about, as I thought I might not have lost anything! Unfortunately the machine showed I’d put on 0.4kg of fat and lost 0.4kg of muscle which I was a bit confused about, but she felt it was because I haven’t been eating many carbs and suggested that without carbs my body is burning muscle instead of fat. However I need to still try and stick to this allergy diet for Dr Read, so for I’ll go back and see her in another 2 months, as she can’t really give me much advice while on this allergy diet.

I have been hitting 125kg during the week and then going back up to 126kg during the weekend, while indulging a little too much, however this week I managed to stay at 125kg, so I’m pretty happy about that. It’s only downward from here. The last 2 weekends I indulged in a little too much alcohol, so I think staying away from that this weekend helped as well as swapping some of my higher calorie/fat snacks during the weekend for low fat options. I also managed to exercise 4 times last week and burn nearly 1000 calories, which is more than I’ve done in the last few months.

One of the things I’ve been trying to get into my head is that the way I am eating now is to fuel my body and make my body feel healthy, happy and energetic. During the week while I’m eating mostly fruits, vegetables and meat/chicken/fish, my body feels so much better. I don’t get any strange pains in my stomach, I have relatively normal bowel movements and I don’t feel the bloating in my stomach that I used to get all the time. As soon as I introduce any of the ‘forbidden’ foods to my diet on a weekend, I automatically notice a change in my body and start to feel heavy and bloated and just not well. I can really notice now that I was living that way all the time before I knew about these allergies. So for me, it’s about learning to eat to fuel my body with the best foods rather than for pleasure….at least the majority of the time anyway…I’ve been told that 1000 times, but it’s really only just sunk in over the last few weeks and although I don’t really enjoy the fruit salad I eat every morning, I habitually go and buy it, ignoring all arguments in my head about how good toast would taste right now, as I know it is the best thing for my body and I know I will feel much better for the rest of the day for eating it. It’s a habit now…just like the salads I buy at lunch or the tuna or fruit I have for snacks or the machiatos instead of the cappuccinos. It’s a habit that I still need to work at every day, but I’m hoping one day it will just be the way I eat and that will make the rest of my weight loss a lot easier!

I am booked in for a fill tomorrow, which I think I really need. Though I’ve started to notice restriction with some foods (bread in particular), I’d like to be eating a bit less than I am now. I’ll be interested to see how I find the next fill.

I’ve just created a new page for “Jan’s weigh-in and measurements”.  I’ve been meaning to update my measurements since my last appointment with Jan back in December. I lost a whopping 42cm from my hips, waist and chest. I’m VERY happy with those results!

Put on 0.9kg after the terrible week last week :-(