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Thank you for applying to be a contestant on the third Australian Series of The Biggest Loser. Unfortunately you have been unsuccessful for this series.

We had an overwhelming response to the call for entries and received thousands of applications. Whilst we would like to give everybody the chance to experience life on The Biggest Loser, it is not possible.

Once again, thank you for applying and we wish you well on your own personal journeys.


No call for me this year for the Biggest Loser auditions. But that’s ok. I’m upset, but not devastated. I didn’t want to be invited to the auditions if I wasn’t going to get through, so it is probably for the best. I guess they saw me last year and I just wasn’t what they were looking for. Time to move on from that impossible dream…

Good luck Cheezy!!!

In other news, I’ve not been exercising and have been eating terribly and slowly putting on the weight I lost over the past few weeks. Yay me! Feeling pretty low about myself. Looking forward to the lapband surgery info evening, maybe that will bring back my hope.

So apparently calls are being made today. I really, really want a call. But somehow I just don’t think it will come. So I will end the day disappointed again. Disappointed at knowing I’ll never be a contestant on the show. Disappointed at myself as I’ve weighed myself this morning and I’ve put weight on again. My eating has been pretty bad the week before my husband got back and now that he’s back. We’re in relax mode which always involves bad food and of course no exercise.

So one night about a month ago I was watching a show on Foxtel called “Big Medicine”. It was about 2 doctors in the US who perform lapband surgery and their patients. After seeing some of the success stories, it got me thinking. I have always discarded the thought of weight loss surgery. I guess I was viewing it the wrong way. I was viewing it as a quick fix, which in my eyes wasn’t reconciling as you still had to choose the right food and exercise. I couldn’t work out why I would choose to go through all the surgery pain and cost only to have to do what I am doing now anyway. But it finally clicked after watching that show and reading some blogs of people who have had the surgery that the surgery is a tool, not a quick fix solution. People still fail because they fail to change their lifestyle.

The more I read about it and think about it, the more attractive it becomes to me. While I still have to choose the right food and exercise, I have one less battle to fight and that is overeating. The band (once at the correct level) will not allow me to overeat. So I would hope that I’d take that opporuntity to make the lifestyle choices I need to make once and for all.

The thought of surgery scares the hell out of me and there is some part of me that doesn’t like the thought of not being able to choose how much I eat, at never being able to eat the same way I do right now, but why would I want to hang on to that? I really don’t know the answer to that. Weird that I would want to hang on to the very thing that has caused me to be overweight and makes me so unhappy.

So I’m going to an information evening next week at The Obesity Surgery Centre in Coolangatta. Have also added some links on the side to some blogs I’ve been reading from people who’ve had the surgery.

I put on 0.2kg last week after another week of not keeping a food diary and not being disciplined in my eating. This week has been even worse. Had Hungry Jacks for dinner last night and KFC the night before. Was slightly better tonight by having Subway, but still not feeling really in control.

I’m feeling a bit down again…not sure why. I am due anyday now for my period, so it might be hormones…who knows…

So I’ve been reading the Biggest Loser Forums and notice that Cairns have their auditions next week. One of the guys from Cairns (Steven) who was at my auditions last year in Brisbane got an email from the casting team saying that auditions in Brisbane are on the 1st and 2nd of September. I haven’t heard anything yet…I’m not sure if anyone in Brisbane has heard anything, but I’m still thinking I might not get a call. I will be really disappointed, but life goes on. I’m beginning to FINALLY realise that is one dream that is probably never going to happen.

So apparently we will know about whether we are successful in getting to auditions for the Biggest Loser season 3 by 3 September 2007. will be interesting to see if I get a call. I must say this new approach of mine and this lack of desperation about getting an audition is a really welcome change. This time last year I was freaking out.


Well I want to be the next Munnalita, not the next Chris…no offence to Chris, because he worked damn hard, but he was just a little too skinny looking for my liking. But Munnalita…how hot does she look?
Application complete and sent. The waiting begins. But this time I’m not holding my breath. I doubt I’ll even get an audition this year. Just got a feeling. Oh well…life goes on…