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It works!! It actually works! I had my first “puree” meal tonight. I was convinced that it wasn’t going to be much different from the soup I’ve been eating. Boy was I wrong. I was so excited as I was shopping after work, as I decided I was actually going to cook something up instead of eating soup from a can. So I cooked up some chicken mince with some canned tomatoes, tomato paste, zucchini, broccolini, mushrooms and garlic and then in another pot boiled up some potatoes, pumpkin and carrots. When they were all cooked, I blended the contents of the two pots in the blender for an instant yummy, real food tasting meal! I served up myself 1/2 a cup, which looked like nothing and thought for sure I’d be hungry when I finished. But I’d literally taken 6 or 7 teaspoons full when I began to feel full! I was shocked! I ate it really slowly and by the time I’d finished I was stuffed! I was proud of myself for remembering not to drink until at least half an hour after my meal. I finished my 1/2 a cup of mush dinner 2 hours ago and I’m still full! I’m in shock and happy!

So despite another bad start to the day (dramas getting to work and parking…2 hours!), I’ve ended the day on a high. I met up with Jan, the nurse from Dr Layani’s rooms this morning at 7.30am. That was a quick appointment. She basically checked my cuts were healing ok (they were) and asked me how I was going and that was that! She also made an appointment for my first fill on the 22nd November with Dr Layani. Jan also confirmed that Dr Reid was amazing and that another one of her clients who used to be in bed for 2 days during her monthly cramps is now completely pain free thanks to Dr Reid! Now I have my hopes up that he’ll be able to do the same for me!

While I was waiting for Jan in the waiting room, I read a paragraph of a book about bariatric surgery which said that women should not get pregnant for 1-2 years after surgery! I had a small panic attack and asked Jan about that and she said she’d never heard of that before and would confirm it with Dr Layani today and let me know next time I see her. Not that I’m pregnant…but I’m not on contraception and I’d like to be pregnant as soon as I can!

I also picked up the book that Felicity left behind for me. “Fighting Weight” by Khaliah Ali. Here’s an exercept…I can’t wait to read it!

“It was more than that I had kissed away my twenties and was miserable. I couldn’t be naked with anybody, couldn’t wear a backless dress, couldn’t go to the beach—all the things a person should be able to do.”

When Muhammad Ali’s daughter Khaliah hit 325 pounds, she didn’t need to be told again that she was morbidly obese. A lifetime of dieting, of starving, had not helped. She thought about gastric bypass surgery but couldn’t pursue it after reading the statistic that as many as one in twenty-five people suffers complications, and sometimes death, from the operation. She could not afford to risk leaving her young son without a mother.

Miserable, depressed, and unable to walk up a flight of stairs without losing her breath, she did not know which way to turn—until a friend pointed her toward a new type of surgery called gastric banding. It is just as effective as gastric bypass with a fraction of potential complications. With the band placed around her stomach and completely taking away her hunger, Khaliah slimmed down to half her former size.

The band she used has been the surgical option of choice in Europe for more than a decade but is only just now arriving in the United States. It is sure to become number one here too. Unlike gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding is reversible, is completely safe during pregnancy, involves no nutritional deficiencies, and best of all, takes away hunger forever, not just for the first year or so.

Khaliah wraps her story of weight loss in this memoir of what it was like to grow up the daughter of one of the world’s most famous men, and teams up with her surgeons at the New York University Medical Center to detail the lifetime of misery suffered by an obese girl; the ins and outs of the banding operation; and the joy, serenity, and health resulting from a solution that until now had eluded her.


Food for today:

Optifast shake

Skim cap

1/3 can Heinz Moroccan spicy lamb, chickpea and cous cous soup with Trim milk added

Skim cap

1/2 cup Blended chicken mince, tomoto paste, canned tomatoes, zucchini, brocollini, mushrooms, carrots, potatoes, pumpkin